Circles Of World - Markus Becker Circles in Constructionworld of Mirrow
  "My works ("graphics circledrawing") shows circles in a constructionworld, that contain circles drawing by hand."
Quotation: Markus Becker - "graphic circledrawer"

On my artexhibitions and studioviewings I had to make experience, that above the quotation is right, but not for an art person interested, who did not saw my works. It is difficult to imagine them.
Later, persons who saw my works, said to me:"My quotation is right".

"You must see my works live."
I can show it only with my website, with this both videos and fotos.
You can see under videos:
"The graphics circledrawing" and
" Graphics circles drawing by hand , - making visible."
- This is the work, called "Kreisgebiet". When this workwill be ready, it will contain about 500.000 circles drawing by hand!

This a very important reason for me, that I to have be ready my website.
Please click on ?Video? to get a first impression of my works.
© Markus Becker 2006
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